It’s not easy for schools to manage technology assets. We get that.

As children learn to interact with technology, they aren’t always careful, which sometimes causes additional wear and tear on machines that companies don’t often experience. At RELECTRO, we understand the unique needs of schools and districts, and we know that when children handle the devices, it necessitates ongoing maintenance to make sure the learning doesn’t have to halt.

This leads to on-site IT Departments being stretched thin with too much work and not enough money. Any savings in the technology budget can have a long-lasting impact. And that’s where RELECTRO comes in.

RELECTRO offers solutions to take the stress off school staff all while keeping money in the budget.

RELECTRO can extend the life of each machine with detailed repair and maintenance programs.

When you multiply what we can do for one Chromebook or laptop by how many your school has, the savings really begin to snowball.

When it’s time to retire an electronic asset, RELECTRO can strategically handle that transition. We can sell it so the school can recoup some of their investment, or we can ensure the ethical disposal of each device.

Empower your school district with cost-effective solutions that take your technology from a budget vacuum to a noticeable ROI. Once that happens, be ready for the exciting prospect that money allocated for technology can be sent elsewhere to keep your school running smoothly.


ArmorTech360 from RELECTRO is a comprehensive suite of services designed exclusively for the technology asset needs of K-12 school districts.

With this program, you’ll have complete peace of mind for your devices. When devices fail, learning stops. A break in service can be frustrating in the classroom and ongoing issues can have devastating effects if students fall behind and lose confidence. But not with ArmorTech360 from RELECTRO. It’s the ultimate technology asset safeguard program tailored for your iPad, MacBook, and Chromebook devices.

Learn about how RELECTRO can accomplish the above and more with our ArmorTech360 Program.

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Let’s face it, little hands aren’t always ready for sophisticated technology. From drops to rough handling, electronics are bound to be damaged. Our comprehensive solution handles everything, from accidental to intentional damage, ensuring quick repairs with unparalleled service standards.

With RELECTRO's K-12 Repair Program, enjoy premium Apple and Chromebook repairs at competitive prices. Our specialized portal promises hassle-free repair processing and tracking, all within a 10-day turnaround. Partner with us and benefit from our expertise, advanced technical capabilities, and commitment to excellence in device management.

RELECTRO offers an efficient buyback system for your used laptop, tablet, and Chromebook devices. Choose between receiving credits for your tech department, helping safeguard your future tech budgets, or using the credits towards our protection plans, repairs, or parts.

We champion safe and compliant electronic waste disposal, abiding by the strictest state and federal regulations (R2v3). Schools can be assured of data security with our certified data destruction process, making data breaches a worry of the past. Our asset management plans are tailored to fit any school size or budget, offering services like inventory tracking, auditing, and eco-friendly recycling.

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