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RELECTRO is Redefining Electronics Repair and Processing

There’s the old way of managing electronics- buy new equipment, use it for a while, get frustrated when it stops working correctly, replace. On and on the cycle goes. You’ve been there. You’ve spent the money expecting this next batch to go the distance, but it never does.

But now- there’s the RELECTRO way. At RELECTRO, we use a multi-pronged approach to ensure you get the most out of your electronics investment. Whether you’re a school with equipment that has to keep working so that the students can, too, or a business owner who is worried about an ever-shrinking ROI, we’ve got you covered. When you’re ready to end the buy/break/replace cycle, we’re ready to help.



Fulfillment & Deployments

Repair as a Service (RaaS) Integrator

Custom Portal and Throughput Tracking

Testing & Quality Control Center in support of Asset Sales

Asset Sales, Return Center (RMA) & Asset Disposition

Inventory & Stock Management

System Integration & Process Customization

The RELECTRO way is better for your internal business, better for your clients, and better for the environment. Any interruption in service costs money, time, and ultimately leads to frustration for all parties involved. RELECTRO keeps your Business/School up and running giving you the transparency you need and your data secured. All while keeping old or damaged electronics out of landfills. Extending the life of Mobile Computing, Phones, Tablets, Scanners, Laptops, Wearables, and Gaming devices makes fiscal, sustainable and ethical sense, plain and simple.

How confident are you in these two things?

Approximately how much did American K-12 Schools spend annually on technology in 2019?*

A. $350,000,000

B. $3.5 Billion

C. $35 Billion

How many Americans have damaged their smartphone in the past 12 months?

A: Between 10 and 20 Million?

B: Between 30 and 40 Million?

C: Greater than 80 Million?

Did you know that maintenance and repair/refurbishment could double the lifetime of your electronics? Think of how much you could save by NOT replacing a device? Now multiply that by each device you manage.

Then give us a call or click below to get started.

We pride ourselves on offering Complete Device Lifecycle Management Solutions that cater to the specific needs and demands of our clients.

Our roster of services is comprehensive and encompasses Device Lifecycle Management, Device Repair & Refurbishment, Asset Configuration & Deployment, Managed Services, and IT Integration. Our services are designed to be customizable solutions, addressing all facets of electronic device management, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and excellence.


What Makes Us Different

With RELECTRO, you are guaranteed a partner who brings expertise, innovation, and a relentless commitment to excellence in managing your electronic devices.

  • 24-Hour Repair Turnaround Time (fastest in the industry)
  • 20+ years servicing technology (knowledgeable, reputable, experienced, trustworthy, reliable)
  • Highest industry Certifications
  • Expansive & secure facilities (36,000 sq ft; 24/7 surveillance; Key-card entry, security guards, metal detectors)

*Stats estimated from multiple web sources, including EdTechEvidence, all of which acknowledge this metric is not officially tracked and is just an estimate. All sites confirm these numbers have increased post-pandemic.


What Our Clients Say

"As a large school district in Pennsylvania, we rely heavily on technology to support our educational mission. When our electronic devices experience issues, we turn to Relectro's repair depot without hesitation. Their professionalism, efficiency, and expertise have consistently impressed us. Whether it's repairing laptops, tablets, Relectro's team always delivers top-notch service, ensuring minimal disruption to our students' learning experience. We highly recommend Relectro to any organization seeking reliable electronic repair services."

Catherine G.

Technology Director

"Almost 10 years ago, I worked with Chris and the RELECTRO team in the mobile phone repair space. At the time we were frustrated with our incumbent supplier of parts and repair services, so we launched a broad RFI to find a suitable replacement. From the very first interaction, the RELECTRO team set themselves apart from the other potential suppliers. They were prompt, they were knowledgeable, they were analytical, and best of all – they actually cared about us as people and as a business. I remember being suspicious that this was too good to be true, that it must be an act that they were putting on. Well, it must be one heck of an act, because 10 years later Chris and team are STILL the gold standard for outstanding professionalism, business insight and customer service. Thank you!"


"Managing our technology inventory efficiently is paramount to our success. Relectro's buyback program has been a game-changer for us. Not only does it provide a seamless solution for retiring outdated electronics, but it also helps us maximize our budget by offering fair prices for our used devices. Their professionalism and reliability have made the process incredibly smooth, allowing us to focus more on enhancing our students' learning experiences. We're grateful for Relectro's partnership and highly recommend their buyback services to any educational institution looking to streamline their technology management."

William S.

IT Director

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