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RELECTRO has a unique perspective on electronics recycling and repair shaped by decades of experience in the industry and an extensive network of business relationships. 

As rapid advances in technology create challenges for businesses and individuals, RELECTRO can ensure that your electronic devices are repaired or disposed of in the most convenient, environmentally responsible, and economic way. 

RELECTRO provides the full range of electronics repair, refurbishment, and logistics services. We’ll work with you to develop the best, most convenient strategy for managing your electronic devices and components while maximizing their value to your business.


Government & Education

State, local and education institutions rely on us to safely and quickly repair their mobile technology. Our world class facility offers reliable and secure management of their mobile technology and proper disposition under the highest of industry standards.


We partner with companies from small to Fortune 500 providing an all in one solution in maintaining their mobile technology. When insurance protection does not provide the necessary ROI, our reliable same day repair programs and advance exchange allow our clients to keep their enterprise running with little downtime for their technology.

Repair Partners

Our world class facility can accommodate fast and quality repairs at minimum to maximum levels. This allows repair partners to have access to qualified technicians to help support their own customer experience.

Wireless Carriers

We offer customized programs to add additional value-added services to your offerings and sources of new revenue.


Wireless Device Repair

Wireless Devices have become an integral part of the way people communicate and stay connected, so going without these devices for an extended period of time isn’t an option. RELECTRO’s professionals provide the full range of repair solutions and use their broad industry knowledge to determine the most effective path for each device we receive.

Repair Certification

RELECTRO’s technicians have in-depth knowledge of industry certification standards and are experienced in addressing issues across all repair levels. Our efficient operations can repair your cell phone and return it to you in perfect working order within days of receiving it at our facilities.


To prepare devices for resale in secondary markets, RELECTRO refurbishes wireless devices. Services include repairs, upgrades, data sanitization, and cosmetic cleaning. Taking these steps can prolong the life cycle of devices significantly while offering affordable alternatives to emerging markets.

Systems Integration

We believe that the IT system serves as the foundation for all reverse logistics, repair, and asset management services

Delivering the Total Solution

Our operations integrates R2 2013 certified processes and features full documentation to verify secure and responsible re-sale and or disposal

Asset Management

RELECTRO can help you determine the best path for your wireless devices. When devices and accessories reach the end-of-life stage, our technicians salvage the devices to maximize the value for organizations. RELECTRO offers easy shipping options, as well as, full reporting on all devices we receive.


We make every reasonable effort to repair and refurbish each and every device. Any devices that can’t be returned to service are recycled using the latest technologies and equipment. RELECTRO pursues a zero-landfill policy and is committed to minimizing the impact of these devices on the environment.


RELECTRO employs industry leaders that have developed strong relationships with leading wireless carriers, insurance providers, handset OEMs, and electronic device retailers over the past 18+ years

R2 is the leading standard for electronics repair and recycling

The R2 Standard provides a common set of processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements for businesses that repair and recycle used electronics. R2 is rigorously and independently audited, emphasizing quality, safety, and transparency. Only 530 facilities are currently R2 certified in 21 countries.

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