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RELECTRO provides services for a variety of clients and partners and since electronics make what you do possible; we keep them working so you don’t have to worry.

Enterprise clients across all industries. From small businesses with just a few devices to large companies with thousands of assets, we can manage every part of the electronic life cycle. We help increase each client’s return on investment by extending the years each device can work and increasing the time in between replacement to manage costs.

Be sure to also ask about our Asset Configuration services to make sure your electronics work correctly for your needs right out of the box. There’s no need to hire a full IT Department when you have RELECTRO on your side.

RELECTRO Also serves the Education Markets. As education moves from traditional classroom learning to digital-based instruction, Schools need to know that their equipment can keep up. That’s where RELECTRO comes in.

Budgets can’t cover new electronics year after year, which makes our Repair and Refurbishment services crucial to a school or district’s bottom line. As budgets shrink and money is allocated to more and more departments, having a partner like RELECTRO on-call can ensure that learning never has to stop.

There’s no need to hire a full IT Department when you have RELECTRO on your side.

In addition to our direct-to-customer services, RELECTRO partners with Device Insurance/Extended Warranty Companies, Repair Partners, and Wireless Carriers to expand their offerings. For companies offering insurance, RELECTRO can serve as the trusted vendor to manage repairs on insured devices, keeping the insured party happy with great results while keeping costs down for the insurance company. We also work well with other repair companies to offer the services they can’t, allowing them to market themselves to even more clients. And for wireless carriers, we partner to keep communication devices running smoothly as needed to keep customers happy. RELECTRO is the perfect preferred vendor with reliable and timely service; let us show you what we can do.

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