Everyone says they’ll be responsible with your used electronics, but R2 is how you know who actually will.

While all electronics refurbishers & recyclers claim to be responsible and follow the rules, the truth is, not everyone actually does what they say they’ll do. They’ll all tell you they’ll protect the environment, your data, and your brand equity. They’ll say they won’t cut corners and never illegally ship anything overseas.  But how do you know?

ISO 9001,14001, 45001
ISO 9001,14001, 45001

R2 Certification is how you know.   

R2 is a voluntary global sustainability standard for the responsible reuse and recycling of electronics and is now adopted by over 1000 facilities in over 40 countries.  R2 prioritizes a hierarchy of reuse before recycling and is a comprehensive, outcomes-oriented standard that includes best practices for protecting the environment, the health and safety of workers and communities, and data while complying with all applicable legal requirements and providing accountability throughout the entire processing of your equipment.

It’s built and continuously updated by an independent multi stakeholder group, facilitated by SERI, an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer and non-profit organization.  All R2 facilities are independently certified and audited by an accredited Certification Body. While this is the common framework for similar ISO/IEC standards, SERI adds more confidence to the R2 Certification programming by teaching facilities how to implement the standard, training auditors to audit properly to the standard, and checking the work of Accreditation and Certification bodies around the world to promote consistency and effectiveness in R2 Certifications.

All of which is what gives you the confidence that an R2 Certified facility will be responsible with your used electronics.

R2 is how you know.

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