RELECTRO: Your Trusted Partner in Maximizing the Value of Your School's Technology Assets

In the world of education, technology can be a real puzzle. We know you're no stranger to the challenges it brings. First, there's the wear and tear – the constant use of devices means constant repairs and maintenance. Then, there's the struggle with IT resources. Limited staff and funding often make device management feel like an uphill battle. And let's not forget those piles of outdated machines and unused assets taking up precious space and resources. But here's the thing: these challenges are hiding some hidden gems of cost savings and untapped opportunities to supercharge your technology budgets.
Introducing RELECTRO, your all-in-one solution for taking charge of your school's technology assets. We get it – schools have unique hurdles to overcome in keeping their devices running smoothly, staying within budget, and aligning with educational goals. That's why our comprehensive range of services is here to empower you. With RELECTRO, you can unlock the full potential of your technology investments, ensuring a seamless learning experience for both students and staff. Say goodbye to tech headaches and hello to a brighter, more efficient future for your school.

The Solution:

  • Dedicated Portal: Request a repair, receive a shipping label, track the progress of your repair through RELECTRO’s process. Real-time updates and transparency.
  • Meticulous repairs and maintenance: Extending the life and functionality of your devices.
  • Strategic asset optimization: Selling off or ethically disposing of outdated or surplus devices.
  • Cost-effective solutions: Delivering substantial ROI and effective resource allocation.
  • Unlocking budget potential: Liberating funds for pressing educational needs.

Complete Peace of Mind for Your Devices:

  • ArmorTech360: Ultimate safeguard program for iPads, MacBooks, and Chromebooks.
  • Dedicated K-12 Repair Services: Premium Apple and Chromebook repairs at competitive prices.
  • 10-day turnaround guarantee: Hassle-free repair processing and tracking.

Maximizing Your Device Value:

  • Efficient buyback system: Credits for tech departments, future tech budgets, or protection plans.

Commitment to Responsible Asset Recycling & Disposal:

  • Safe and compliant e-waste disposal: R2v3 certified data destruction process.
  • Tailored asset management plans: Inventory tracking, auditing, and eco-friendly recycling.

Learn about how RELECTRO can accomplish the above and more with our ArmorTech360 Program.

Download detailed information.

Why Choose RELECTRO?

  • Flexible repair options: Pay-as-you-go or repair block purchases, eliminating the need for costly extended warranties.
  • Expertly trained technicians: Guaranteed quality repairs using genuine parts.
  • Dedicated customer support: Responsive and knowledgeable team to address your needs.
  • Commitment to education: Supporting schools in achieving their technology goals.

Invest in RELECTRO and experience the difference.

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